What it's like to work with me

Unlocking the Secret Within
1:1 Private Coaching
8 week program

My Coaching Methodology

Reprogramming your subconscious comes down to just 3 steps - Recognize, Release, Replace - and doing those steps over and over again until that belief becomes habitual.


Because everything we create in our life starts with our subconscious mind and the beliefs it holds, I want to first "get to know your mind". When you talk in our sessions, I'm not just listening to your words, I'm listening to your beliefs that are shown to me through your choice of words and phrasing. Words are super powerful and specific words will have a certain "charge" for you. These words, that are activated in you, are directly tied to a belief. It's my job to discover what that belief is so that we can release it (through a breath work technique) and then replace it with a new belief we want you to believe moving forward. My main goal and focus during our time together is to reprogram your subconscious mind so that this new programming causes you to create and attract your desires easier and quicker.

My Coaching Style
My coaching is intuitive, direct, and hands on. 
I have learned over the years that whenever my intuition has told me to say "that thing" or assign "that homework" or ask "that question" or explore "that direction", it's been right every time. I believe our intuition is a gift from God/Source/Universe and they use it to guide us. 
I am a COACH first. Some people get that mixed up with a therapist, friend, or someone to make you feel good. I do not do that. 
I am here to see the greatness in you and sometimes greatness is uncomfortable. 
I am here to hold a container for you to reach your fullest potential.
I am here to push you out of your comfort zone and challenge your conditioning.
I am here to expand your consciousness and be your biggest fan.

Hands on
There is nothing more annoying than when someone leaves you to fend for yourself. I have had many mentors and coaches and it's the ones who walked beside me on my journey giving me the reassurance that I'm on the right path, that have made the most difference in my life.

Frequently asked questions


How long are sessions?

Sessions can be anywhere between 45min and 1.5 hours. Why do I leave that open ended? Because one week you may need an hour and a half of deep subconscious clearing and the next week you need to take massive action. I am constantly tapping into my intuition about what you need and, your journey is so specific to you, that I don't want to put a time limit on what you may be needing to unlock your fullest potential. 

Can I just book a single session?

No....and here's why. The nature of reprogramming a subconscious takes repetition and building new mental pathways. I would do you a disservice by scratching the surface of the programmed beliefs you have. You have beliefs that have been formed for 20 plus years, and one session isn't going to undo all that mental programming.

Now with that being said, once you have worked with me once, booking a "tune up session", as I call it, does become available to you.

Why 8 weeks?

It takes 30 days to build a habit, including a mental habit. I want to set you up to succeed so the first 4 weeks we uncover the subconscious beliefs (around your goal/desire) holding you back and reprogram them, the next 4 weeks we continue building the new mental habits and iron out any missed beliefs or micro beliefs that may have slipped through. 

*Disclaimer* Although the goal is to reprogram parts of your mind, 8 weeks does not guarantee that you will have a reprogrammed mind. You will be able to tell the shifts happening in your beliefs system when you start attracting different and better things into your life.

What is included in each week? 


This includes Subconscious Releases if they are needed. 


There is an app called Voxer that allows you to leave voice messages like you would a text. It's important to me that I be accessible to you in between sessions in case you are really in your head/thoughts or our session caused you to have a realization you need to work through. You can send me a voice message in the moment and during my daily Voxer hour I will reply. 


Depending on how the session unfolds each week, I will give an action step tailored to what we talked about for you to do before our next session. Action steps are the secret sauce to building mental habits and changing beliefs.

What are Subconscious Releases?

Before I explain Subconscious Releases, I want to define subconscious beliefs.


Subconscious beliefs are thoughts and ideas you have continued to think and as more and more evidence supports them they become solid beliefs buried deep in your subconscious. 

Because your subconscious is the control center to everything, you will continue to attract people, situations, and experiences, that support those beliefs (good or bad). This is why you end up creating a reality that you may or may not have wanted. So its important that we address the subconscious head on and release the beliefs holding you back.


A Subconscious Release is a form of breath work that literally helps bring the subconscious beliefs to your conscious. By identifying them, we are able to energetically release the ones that don't serves us and and replace with beliefs that do.


"A belief is only a thought you continue to think."

-Abraham Hicks

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