If you would like to learn more about what I do, I was recently featured in both VoyageLA and on The National Coach Academy, where I was interviewed by Brandon from Life Coach Path.

My Story

           When I was in middle school, I had a teammate tell me matter of factly, "Sarah I think you're going to be a Life Coach when you grow up!" Even though at the time, I didn't know exactly what that meant, it planted a seed in my sub-conscious. Life coaching showed up again in my life, when one of my college roommates started informally referring to me as her Life Coach. I would laugh it off as I didn't think Life Coaching was a real career option and at the time was pursuing my education to be a Marriage and Family Therapist. Well fast forward to 2014, when a friend reached out and asked if I wanted a free coaching session. I said yes, of course, and midway through the session she said, "You know Sarah, my intuition keeps telling me that you need to be a Life Coach. You should look into getting certified." That was the third time Life Coaching had shown up in my life and I couldn't ignore it any longer. I have been studying The Law of Attraction since 2014 and was a part of a Law of Attraction based life coaching company from November 2014 to June 2015 where I was offered a job working closely with the president of the company and learned the necessary skills to be an amazing coach. Working with the laws of the universe, I continually strive to be a product of the product and never cease to invest in myself.


In May 2016, I finally listened to my heart and inaugurated: 

Sarah Michelle Coaching: Unlocking The Secret Within! 

Some of the major influences for my work include Abraham Hicks, Bob Proctor, Brene Brown, Alison Armstrong, David Deida, Debbie Ford, Deepak Chopra, Michael A. Singer, and John C. Maxwell.

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